soft washing fort meyers fl

Don't Risk Roof Damage

Getting roof cleaning services in Fort Myers, FL can help protect it

Getting regular soft washing services is an important part of caring for your roof. Not only does roof soft washing get rid of accumulated dirt, grime and algae growth, but it also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your roof's current condition.

Five Star Home Pressure Washing LLC begins every roof cleaning job by climbing onto the roof to make sure the structure is intact and locate any broken tiles or missing shingles. If we do happen to find any, we'll go ahead and reset them for you. Schedule an appointment today to work with a preferred soft washing company in Fort Myers, FL.

Unfortunately for those of us in the Fort Myers, FL area, roof algae thrives in the Florida heat. If you don’t keep your roof clean, algae can:

  • Crack shingles
  • Eat away at the color
  • Leave unsightly streaks

Professional soft washing services can effectively prevent these issues. Contact us today to get an important job taken care of.